No More Updates at Clips4Sale or Patreon

I’m halting updates at those sites because I’m moving everything here, eventually. I don’t have an expected date yet but with all the things that are happening behind the scenes, I hope it won’t take too long. For now, you can continue to purchase the clips posted in our Clips4Sale store but new subscriptions at Patreon are no longer possible. You can keep track of our updates via our Facebook, Twitter or Youtube accounts – Read more…

Jane Domino Does a Little Dancing Waiting for the Dryer to finish in Studded Black Leather Thigh High Boots

Thinking she could just wait a few minutes and the dryer would finish, she dances a little jig to pass the time. She’s wearing a red leather button-up blouse, black leather pants and black leather thigh high boots with metal studs all over them.Unfortunately, the dryer has longer to go than she’s willing to stand there and wait, so she leaves and will come back later.