Dirty Diana & Jane Domino Leg Pretzel’s & Squeaking

Diana has on those mirror thigh high boots while Jane is wearing some black shiny thigh high boots. They cross their legs into one another to create boot pretzels with their legs and the squeaking, creaking and cracking of their boots is almost non-stop through this entire video.Some dancing, ass-shaking, leg and boot rubbing as well. See the clip here: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/44139/24867763/dirty-diana-jane-domino-leg-pretzels-squeaking

Jane Domino Out Shopping for Boots While Wearing Thigh High Boots

She’s dragged her hubby out with her to go do a little shopping for some new boots. She’s wearing tan leather thigh high boots and some really short shorts. It’s easy to slide these long leather boots off and on to try on different pairs. She wanders up and down the shoe aisles trying to see what catches her eye. See the clip here: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/44139/24865485/jane-domino-out-shopping-for-boots-while-wearing-thigh-high-boots

Vivian Ireene Pierce Teases You in Leather Boots, Gloves & Vintage Vest Sitting in the ’87 Renault Alliance

The door to the old Renault opens up and you see one gorgeous red leather stiletto boot slide out and foot placed on the ground. Then the second leg comes out. She starts pumping her feet making the foot of her boots ‘tap tap tap’ on the concrete. She sits further on the edge of the seat and you can see her itty bitty miniskirt, read leather vest, denim jacket and black leather gloves much Read more…

Jane Domino Gassing Up the ’86 Jeep Grand Wagoneer in USA Tank Top, Black Daisy Dukes & White Scrunch Knee High Boots

I imagine if you didn’t need gas you’d still pull in to top of that ole tank if you saw this honey there. Jane puts some gas in the old Jeep while her ass cheeks hang out from underneath some very short shorts. Her tanned, thick thighs on full display as she just hangs out and pacing around while waiting for all that gas to get dumped into her fuel hole.  See the clip here: Read more…