The door to the old Renault opens up and you see one gorgeous red leather stiletto boot slide out and foot placed on the ground. Then the second leg comes out. She starts pumping her feet making the foot of her boots ‘tap tap tap’ on the concrete. She sits further on the edge of the seat and you can see her itty bitty miniskirt, read leather vest, denim jacket and black leather gloves much better now. Such a great outfit for a chilly day. 

She starts tapping the heels of her boots while slowly rubbing her legs with her leather gloved hands. She’s luring you in closer while she keeps pumping that right foot of hers. Whether it’s the gas pedal or something else, that motion is what keeps you warm at night!

She slowly takes her gloves using her teeth on the fingertips to loosen them up on her hands before slowly sliding them off. 
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